Secondary Homeschool

Subjects we offer for the Secondary Homeschool are:

Junior Secondary

The programme is designed for students who are from both national and international primary background. This programme comprises the Cambridge IGCSE Year 7, 8 and 9 in two years.


English as first language
Bahasa Malaysia
Science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Education)
Global Perspective
Art & Design

Internal Examination and progress to the Senior Secondary Programme.


Senior Secondary  

The programme is designed for students who have completed our Junior Secondary or a minimum of 1 year in any national or international secondary programme. This programme comprises the Cambridge IGCSE Year 10 and 11 in two years. All Senior Secondary students are required to select a minimum of 7 subjects for Cambridge IGCSE.

• Core subjects:
• English as first language (0500) or (1123)
• Mathematics (0580)
• BM as (foreign language / First language) (0546)

• Elective 1 (Science):
• Biology (0610)
• Chemistry (0620)
• Physics  (0625)
• Additional Mathematics (0606)
• Science –  Combined (0653)

Elective 2 (Commerce) :
• Accounting (0452)
• Business studies (0450)
• Enterprise (0454)

Elective 3 (Art):
• Sociology (0495)
• Travel and Tourism (0471)
• Art & Design (0400)
• Mandarin as (foreign language / Second language ) (0546)

Elective 4 (IT):
• Information and Communication Technology (0417)

Internal Examination and Assessment are included.

All Junior Secondary will be completing Internal Examination and Senior Secondary will be graduating with Cambridge IGCSE Certification.

Age 13-17 – May & Sept intake


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