12th August, 2018 | Announcement: Holiday Classes

The English Enrichment class (IGCSE) is open for students from the age of 15 – 17. 

The class not only focuses on primarily writing as in accordance of the Cambridge First Language Syllabus, it also helps students learn through award winning novels, movies and media. Wish your children to be creators with inspiration and not writers with technique.


12th August, 2018 | Announcement: Holiday Classes

English Enrichment class (ESL) is available for age 13 – 14, on Saturday.

Students from national syllabus benefit from this class as it is designed to guide students in writing, reading, speaking and listening in english in international context. 


12th August, 2018 | Announcement: Holiday Classes

The English Enrichment class is available for age 13 – 14, on Saturdays.

This class specially caters International students who are undertaking English as First Language. We help students prepare for Secondary Checkpoint examinations. 


20th March, 2018 | Announcement: Secondary

Start of IGCSE exam session (May/June)

Today is the opening day of all IGCSE Examination 2018. Please collect the exam timetable and the and sitting arrangements with the class teachers. For those who have yet to receive the Statement of Entry, please visit the office and collect the before 22nd of March. In case of lost of Statement of Entry, a penalty of RM750 will be charged to reprint the document. Subjects that are registered for this sessions are:

• Biology (0610) extended

• Business studies (0450)

• Chemistry (0620)

• Foreign language Malay (05460

• Mandarin as Second Language (0523)

• Mandarin as Foreign language (0534

• Sociology (0495)

Students who have registered for the papers listed above, please check the respective exam dates and times to avoid any distortion of message.


24th March, 2018 | Announcement: Secondary

Start of Oral Test for all Language Papers

Tomorrow marks the first day of our Year 11 IGCSE examination for 2018. To all students who are involved in the following subjects, please be reminded to attend the respective oral examinations accordingly. Subjects that have oral examination for this sitting:

• Foreign language Malay (0546)

• Mandarin as Second Language (0523)

• Mandarin as Foreign language  (0534)

Please be sure to bring along the Statement of Entry and your ORIGINAL IC to the examination hall, and if possible please be there an hour before the paper.Good luck to those who are in this sitting.


26th March, 2018 | Announcement: Secondary

Release of School Leaving Cert and Cambridge IGCSE Cert

For the graduated class of 2017 (Oct/Nov), Please return to school to collect your Cambridge IGCSE certs for May/June 2017 and Oct/Nov 2017 along with the school leaving cert. This will conclude your journey of education from Edenbridge Upper Secondary. We would like to Congratulate students who has graduated with great results. This shows the dedication and hardwork that you invested in the past exam sitting. Congratulations to all of you.


27th March, 2018 | Announcement: Secondary

Cambridge International Examination

Cambridge International Examination has introduced two new subjects into their secondary education programme. These subjects are namely Travel and Tourism and Enterprise. Classes for these following subjects will be start on 5th of April 2018.


18th March, 2018 | Announcement: Primary

Exam Period

A reminder that exam is just around the corner and students will be taking their exam starting tomorrow. There will be no early dismissal and classes will be as usual.

• Exam timetable has be given out to all students.

• Art and swimming classes will be conducted as usual.

• There will be no ICT class on Friday so laptop is not required.


12th March, 2018 | Announcement: Primary

School shirts

Finally, our long waited school polo shirts are here. Each student is given 3 sets of school shirt today and make sure they wear them everyday to school and for excursion tomorrow.


7th March, 2018 | Announcement: Primary

Excursion to “Lost and Found”

A gentle reminder that your child will be going to PJ Live Art on 13th March to enjoy “Lost and Found” theatre show. The purpose is to encourage students to understand how theatre show works and make connection to theatre play script.

Please remember to bring some snack to eat on the way and students will have their meals after show. Approximate arrival time back to school will be around 11:30am.


12th Feb, 2018 | Announcement: Primary

Happy Doggy Year

Wishing all of you a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration this year.

The school will be closed from 14th Feb – 20th Feb. The School will reopen on 21st Feb Wednesday and all classes resume as usual.

Thank you and Edenbridge wishes all of you Gong Hei Fatt Choy  and a prosperous year ahead.


22th Jan, 2018 | Announcement: Primary

Punctuality on Arrival

It is essential that you child arrives at 7:45am to kick start their reading habit in the class before the lesson starts at 8am. Please make sure your child goes to bed early to get full energy the next day.


17th Jan, 2018 | Announcement: Primary

January Reading Challenge

Let’s take up the challenge this month and read as many books as you can. This is to encourage your child to read a wide range of books in different genre.


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